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Liz Baugher

Professional Triathlete

My ACW Kona rides and fits like a glove. I can ride for hours, comfortable and powerfully. It handles rough road surfaces well and takes corners fast. Coming from a girl who used to hate cycling— I have never been happier than when I am on my [Kona]!
— Liz on her custom Aussie Cycle Works Kona

Nicole Landers | Cyclocross Cyclist

Nicole Landers is a cyclocross racer and accomplished cross country mountain biker. As a Colorado/Texas transplant she has raced and trained on just about every terrain imaginable. Coupled with her impressive racing career and bad-ass hubby Timmy, she is helping us to create a unique, awesome new cross bike. Watch out as this new baby mama makes her comeback on a brand new ACW Tomahawk in the 2015 Texas cross season.

ACW built a custom Titanium CX beast for Nicole Landers, a Texas CX Queen. TRP's HyRd hydraulic brakes & their new CX fork (custom painted), custom built wheels by Velocity USA using their Aileron rims & Industry Nine torch hubs running SRAM CX-1-- all come together to power this sleek, sexy metal cross weapon.

Timmy McAfoos | Single-speed Cyclocross Cyclist

Timmy McAfoos is an extremely experienced cyclocross, cross country and down-hill racer. He has trained and competed all over the United States, and currently races Single-speed cross in Texas with his wife Nicole and their adorable baby/soigneur, Tegan.

With Timmy's help, we are currently designing a one of a kind single-speed, cross bike that will debut the 2015 Cyclocross season.

Wally Groda | Masters Cyclocross Cyclist

Wally Groda is a Houston based Masters road and cyclocross racer. He's a ferocious competitor with numerous wins and countless finishes leading him to Nationals multiple times. He's currently tearing up the Texas Cyclocross scene on a custom ACW Tomahawk. If you see him at a race, grab a cowbell and enjoy the show!


Lucas Hilbrich | Cat 1 Cross Country Cyclist

Lucas Hilbrich is a Cat 1 mountain biker with a formidable race record and balls of steel when it comes to single track. He heails from Houston, Texas and the rooty, sandy, treacherous trails of the Gulf Coast region. With his help, we designed the ACW Hammerhead. Lucas is currently on the prototype hard tail 29er with great success.